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Satellite Informatics Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) leads in providing Mobile Asset Management solutions by effective telecommunications and information as well as M2M (Man to Machine, Mobile to Machine).

We delivers flexible and cost effective solutions based on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), GPS (Global Positioning System), wireless, and web technologies. Our solutions enable customer to track effective position, status, working hours of his movable assets.

We design, build, and support our solutions from our development and control center in India. Strong in-hour R & D team, manufacturing capabilities and valuable references are strength of SIPL
SIPL provides solutions in Industries, Commercials, Taxis, Corporate as well as consumers market too.

Customer’s requirements…
  • Location of Vehicle
  • Vehicle’s Moving Time, Idle Time, Stop Time
  • Vehicle’s Stoppage Information
  • Arrival and Departure of Vehicle
  • Daily Traveled Mileage
  • Daily Fuel Usage
  • Fuel Pilferage / Fuel Refill Notifications
  • Schedule Reports
  • Alert Notifications
  • Vehicle’s Second Engine Working Hours


Applications of Vehicle Tracking System